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Organizing the disinfestation of your home is anything but simple. However, protecting your home and loved ones from insects, small rodents and bacteria is undoubtedly a priority.

Protecting hygiene and well-being in the home is a necessary step.

The opportunities to recreate harmony and serenity at home are many and range from do-it-yourself to natural remedies, up to the choice of companies specializing in pest control, rodent control, and so on.

Use natural products

A valid opportunity to protect the home from small pests is to resort to natural disinfestation. To disinfect your home it is possible to use natural products such as vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils or bicarbonate.

It is possible to use these natural disinfectant products for cleaning furnishing accessories, dishes, objects and surfaces.

natural products to remove pest control

Relying on professionals

Mice, insects and birds not only compromise hygiene and well-being but can seriously damage private homes, businesses and businesses.

To better organize the disinfestation at home, it is advisable to rely on serious professionals in the sector.

The French multinational, for example, offers its B2B customers the opportunity to take advantage of a thorough and quality pest control and rodent control service, while the Jesse company offers this type of service to individuals.

Prevention and hygiene

When we talk about pest control it is important to remember that hygiene and maintenance of the environment are primary factors to avoid nasty surprises and pests in the home.

In this sense, let’s see some practical measures to prevent similar problems and avoid their reappearance:

  • Repair any damage to the structure (holes in the walls, windows, attic)
  • Take care of the garden and the vegetation surrounding the house;
  • Avoid leaving doors and windows open for too long;
  • Don’t leave any food residues lying around;
  • Thoroughly clean the spaces reserved for garbage, as well as all domestic environments;
  • Take care of the hygiene of your pets ;
  • Respect the work carried out by the technicians and any devices placed in the house at the time of the disinfestation.

Disinfestation of the house, how to do it effectively?

Usually, the problem arises when it is already advanced enough to attract our attention. In the event of a small problem, we personally intervene with spray products that are easily available on the market, but when the problem exceeds our skills in this regard, it is good to refer to specialized operators who in the first phase will take care of establishing the area and breadth of diffusion. of the problem. It is important to fight ants, bees, wasp, moth infestations as they negatively affect our quality of life and the level of the healthiness of the air.

professional pest control service

If we are asking ourselves the problem of a potential infestation it will hardly be a case that can be solved with do-it-yourself pest control, but professional pest control is always recommended.

The disinfestation operations take place with the aid of special machines and products for disinfestation of the house which is not harmful to human health, but the action is only the last of the phases; in fact, the expert studies a plan of the activities to be put in place to solve the infestation in all its parts and origins, carefully monitoring the situation that arises, finally he will evaluate the seriousness and the ideal solution to put into practice. After the intervention, the operator monitors the results produced.

Insecticides are certainly the first pesticides that come to mind and also the most common, but it all depends on what kind of pest you have to fight. Other methods for putting disinfestations into practice are ultrasoundstrapsdust or baits. It is precisely for this reason that it is of fundamental importance to understand 100% the problem that presents itself to us because each species is different from the other and therefore also requires a different disinfestation.